Selecting an Inclined Catenary Frame

Inclined catenary frame selection in our MTM catalogue is automatic, but you can override this manually based on your needs.

Initially, when placing a cantilever, a valid catenary frame will be selected based on your reach. If the reach is updated, then the frame style and allocation will also be automatically updated, as demonstrated below.

If you require a different frame to the automatic selection, there are two methods you can use through the 'Customise' button in the 'Configure' window to override the frame style.

The first method of adjustment is the ‘Frame Clearance’ parameter. This value is used with the reach to automatically select the frame, and the value you use will be subtracted from the reach to calculate the minimum valid frame length. This will allow you to use the full range of the cantilever frame, as demonstrated below.

The second method is to select a specific fixed length style from the catenary frame drop-down menu, as demonstrated below.

Please note: Selecting a specific fixed length style will override the automatic selection and adjusting the reach will not automatically update the frame style.

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