How to Create Project Settings

Project settings are required for every project you undertake using Lineardraft.

A Lineardraft expert will work with you when creating new project settings, from the initial request, to the creation and implementation of the settings into Lineardraft Desktop.

Please note: It takes at least two weeks to produce project settings and this requires consistent communication between you and the Lineardraft team. Please bear this in mind if you have a new project coming up! Find out more here.

The process will involve the following steps:

1. Submitting a Ticket & Providing Information

Before submitting a request to create new project settings, it is vital you have discussed your new project with our commercial department. To set up a call/meeting please contact

Once you've spoken with our commercial team, put in a ticket request to create some new project settings.

Please note: You must have the Project Settings Administrator role assigned to your User Account to be able to request new project settings.

At this stage we require you to provide us with detailed information about the default settings and output parameters for your specific project. Find out more about each individual setting you can define and control with project settings in our What Project Settings Define article.

2. Validation

A Lineardraft expert developer will then go through the details and note any ambiguities or areas that may need development work outside of project settings. We may ask you for more information at this stage.

3. Confirmation

Once we have confirmed all the details with you, we schedule time to create and implement the new settings, and set up pipeline and release channels to make the new project settings appear in Lineardraft Desktop.

4. Release

When the work is done, every user who has been assigned the new project settings will receive a notification email and your ticket will be marked as 'resolved'. You will be able to find and install your new project settings via Lineardraft Desktop and start your new project.

Is this it? While we hope your project settings are perfect the first time, in the unexpected circumstances that your clients change your CAD requirements, we appreciate you may need to make changes. Find out more here.

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