When to Expect your New or Altered Project Settings

It's important that, for every new project, you have project settings that are tailored to your project's needs. Given the amount of variables in project settings, the time it takes to create or change them can also vary. Below outlines when you can expect your new or altered project settings to be released. 

Standard Project Settings 

Whether you are requesting new project settings or making a change to your existing project settings, it will take a minimum of 2 weeks for your ticket to be resolved and your project settings to be released. This applies only to standard project settings requests, which do not require changes to the functionality of Lineardraft. 

Bespoke Project Settings

Bespoke project settings can sometimes mean the functionality of Lineardraft needs changing to accommodate your request. This can take time while our developers ensure both the functionality changes and your project settings are fit for purpose. If your request requires changes to our software, one of our developers will be in touch once your ticket has been reviewed to give you an expected release date. 

How do I know if my request is standard or bespoke? 

Ordinarily, your project settings are bespoke and will require change to Lineardraft if you require your annotation boxes to look different or be located differently to that of the default layout. This is detailed on page 14 of the project settings customisation document, which is located below.

Top tip: Remember to request any new project settings as far in advance as possible to ensure they are ready to go when you start your new project.

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