Updating Lineardraft Core

Follow the steps below to update Lineardraft.

Essential Requirements

Lineardraft Desktop must be installed and activated, and Lineardraft must be installed.
Installing Lineardraft Desktop
Activating Lineardraft Desktop
Installing Lineardraft

Step 1: Open Lineardraft Desktop from the system tray

From the Windows taskbar tray, click on the Lineardraft Desktop icon

Step 2: If Lineardraft Desktop isn't running in the system tray, launch it from the desktop

If the Lineardraft Desktop icon is missing from the tray, double click the desktop icon or click on the Lineardraft Desktop application on the 'Start' menu. 

Step 3: Confirm Lineardraft Desktop is open

Once Lineardraft Desktop is displayed, if an update to Lineardraft is available, it will look like this.

Step 4: Update to the latest Lineardraft Core

Click the download button (highlighted in blue) next to 'Lineardraft'. This will update the latest version of Lineardraft Core and may take a few minutes depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

Once successfully installed, the status will change to a green tick, and the currently installed version will show.

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