Drawing Acceptance Guidelines

When submitting a catalogue change request to add or update an item in a design catalogue, we ask for all sheets of all relevant drawings to be provided as a minimum requirement of the submission. 

So our engineers can validate the drawing and ensure the item(s) we subsequently create are accurate and to an appropriate standard, all drawings must meet the following guidelines to be accepted:

  • The drawing must be genuine.
  • The drawing must be legible.
  • The drawing must contain a complete and correct title block, this must include:
    • Drawing Name/Title.
    • Drawing Number.
    • Revision.
    • Relevant drawing approval signatures and dates.
  • The drawing revision must be stated in a completed revision table.
  • The drawing does not contain the words: ‘Superseded’, ‘Withdrawn’, ‘Cancelled’, or ‘Draft’.
  • The drawing must be listed inside a design range index and available in the drawing management system (if these are applicable to the design range).
  • The drawing must contain valid scale information, ‘Not To Scale’ (NTS) is accepted.
  • The drawing must not contain additional annotations. Exemptions are made for explanatory notes for guidance and help.
Please note: If any submitted drawing fails to meet the guidelines, our engineers will determine the next appropriate steps. This may result in no further work being carried out until an accepted drawing is supplied/available.

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