Moving a Structure

The 'Move' function is used to move a single structure, along with any attached equipment and wires, to another position identified by a marker or markers. If you want to move many structures at once, see moving multiple structures.

Step 1: Place a marker or markers

Place a circle to act as a marker for the position you would like to move the structure to. If you are moving a portal you need to place two markers, one for each mast.

Step 2: Click the 'Move' button in the 'Structures' section of the Lineardraft toolbar

Step 3: Click the structure you want to move

Step 4: Click your marker(s)

For portal structures, click both markers, one after the other.

Step 5: Click the left rail and right rail

This should be the leftmost rail and rightmost rail of the tracks you wish the structure to be associated with, when looking in the direction of increasing chainage

Once you've clicked the right rail, the 'Edit Structure' window will open.

Step 6: Make any required changes to your structure, then click 'Confirm'

Update the chainage value. 

Please note, whenever a structure is moved, the foundation and mast bearings are reset to the default rotation of the structure type being moved.

Once you click 'Confirm' the 'Edit Structure' window will close, and your structure will move.

Please note: When you move a structure, if the secondary chainage is being used, it won't be updated automatically. This is because values for secondary chainages can vary case by case.

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