Updating Design Catalogues

When using Lineardraft it's important to always work with the most up-to-date design catalogues. The below guide will help you to identify when new versions are available and also walk you through how to update them. 

Step 1: Launch Lineardraft Desktop

Double click the 'Ld' desktop icon or click on the 'Lineardraft Desktop' application located in the 'Zebraware Limited' folder of your 'Start' menu.

Step 2: Check update status

Once Lineardraft Desktop has launched, a complete list of the components available with your license key will appear. Design catalogues that require updating are denoted by a status icon featuring an exclamation point inside a red triangle.

Step 3: Update design catalogue

Update your design catalogue by clicking the sync icon, highlighted below in blue. Once the sync is complete, the status icon will change to a green tick, and the new version will be shown.

Top tip: If you have multiple design catalogues that need updating, simply repeat the process above for each one. 

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