Lineardraft Desktop Issue

This article contains the minimum detail and files you should include in your ticket when reporting a problem with Lineardraft Desktop.

If you are reporting a problem with Lineardraft software or plugins, then please use these minimum requirements instead.

What roles are required to submit this ticket type?

You just need a User Account with the User Role assigned.

What are the minimum requirements for this ticket type?

For us to properly understand and act on your ticket we need to know the finer details. Attach or include the following in the ‘Detail’ box in your ticket submission.

Please note: If these minimum requirements are not met, your ticket might be closed and you might be asked to submit a new one.

First, we need you to provide:

  • Your Lineardraft Desktop version number (it's in the bottom left of the window).

Second, make sure to include the following:

  • Write a clear & detailed description of the issue.
  • Tell us precisely what you were doing before the issue presented itself. What made the issue reveal itself to you?
  • If you were expecting something to happen that didn't; tell us what were you expecting to happen?
  • Attach annotated screenshots or images which clearly show your issue. This gives the team a visualisation of precisely what's happened.
  • Finally, explain your 'Priority' selection from the drop-down list. This helps us further understand the severity of the defect.

Please make sure you only ask us to investigate an individual bug or issue. This is an essential part of our assurance process. Each time we investigate or fix an issue, we need to track the changes we make and why we made them!

Top tip: If you have one, a video or screen recording of your issue occurring would be fantastic!

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