Moving Multiple Structures

The 'Multi-Move' function allows you to move multiple structures, along with any attached equipment and wires, along a track at the same time.

Please note: Only single-mast structures (single track cantilevers, two track cantilevers, twin/triple cantilevers, self supporting anchors, and attachment points) can be multi-moved currently. 

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Structures' section of the Lineardraft toolbar

Step 2: Click the 'Multi-Move' button

This will open the 'Multi-Move Structures' window.

Step 3: Click 'Locate', then click on all the structures you want to move

Each structure you click on will appear in the 'Multi-Move Structures' window. Select as many structures as you want.

Step 4: Enter the distance you want to move the selected structures in the 'Distance Along Rail' box

This can be a positive or negative number, in metres. You can either click the arrow buttons, or type the number in the box.

Top tip: A positive number will move the structures in the direction of increasing chainage, while a negative number will move them in the direction of decreasing chainage.

Step 5: Click the 'Move' button

This will move all selected structures by the specified distance. If all selected structures have been moved successfully, 'Move Complete' will appear in the 'Multi-Move Structures' window.

Please note, whenever a structure is moved, the foundation and mast bearings are reset to the default rotation of the structure type being moved.

Please note: If some or all of the structures do not move, a different message will appear in the 'Multi-Move' window, and the Lineardraft Console will detail which structures have not moved. Find out why this may happen here.

Step 6: Continue to select and move structures

The 'Multi-Move Structures' window remains open after every move, so you can continue to select structures and apply additional movements to them. You can also click on structures in the list and use the 'Remove' button to deselect them as shown below.

Alternatively, if you're finished moving structures, you can close the 'Multi-Move Structures' window.

Please note: When you move a structure, if the secondary chainage is being used, it won't be updated automatically. This is because values for secondary chainages can vary case by case.

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