Separating 2D and 3D Models

If you separate 2D & 3D models into individual files of their own, any changes you make will not be replicated in the other design file. Please ensure that if you do this, you have an internal process that ensures the file integrity remains intact. 

Step 1: Press the 'Enter' key

Pressing 'Enter' will activate the key-in browser.

Step 2: Type 'ld modelsettings'

This is the command to access the 'Model Settings'.

Step 3: Press the 'Enter' key again

The 'Model Settings' will then open.

Step 4: Uncheck the boxes you do not require

'Draw Model' will retain the 3D model and 'Draw Layout' will retain the 2D model.

Step 5: Left click 'Confirm'

You will then be prompted to rebuild your model.

Step 6: Left click 'Yes'

This may take some time depending on the size and complexity of your model.

Step 7: Confirm the correct elements are shown

You can now check that that only the 2D or 3D models are shown depending on which selection you have made.

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