Replacing a Deprecated Item

Whilst deprecated items remain visible in Lineardraft's design catalogues, you must always check the release notes to determine whether you need to replace it in your design. If you do, here's how.

Step 1: Navigate to the section of the Lineardraft toolbar that controls the deprecated item

In this example, the deprecated item is a cantilever, so we need to navigate to the ‘Wires’ section.

Step 2: Click either 'Edit' or 'Adjust', depending on the type of deprecated item you want to replace

In this example, we need to select ‘Edit Wire Point’.


Step 3: Click the piece of equipment that the deprecated item is associated with

In this example, we are selecting a wire point.

Step 4: When the configure window opens, navigate to the ‘Item’ field

In this example, the ‘Item’ field shows deprecated cantilever, ‘Deprecated - C99-B01-1xx’.

Step 5: Use the arrow next to the ‘Item’ field to locate the deprecated item’s replacement

In this example, ‘MS/C99/B01/1xx’ replaces ‘Deprecated - C99-B01-1xx’.

Step 6: Click on the deprecated item’s replacement

In this example, click on ‘MS/C99/B01/1xx’.

Step 7: Click ‘Confirm'

Still need help? If for any reason you are unable to locate the latest version of a deprecated item, please create a ticket (to request a catalogue change) so one of our experts can assist.

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