Structure Name, Label, and Reference Chainage Rules

Whenever you create or edit a structure you must name and label it. You also have the option to enter a reference chainage.

You can enter these details in the 'Create Structure' or 'Edit Structure' windows, as shown below.

Once you've entered your details and click 'Confirm', Lineardraft will check all the text boxes. Any which don't follow the rules shown in the table below will be highlighted in red. This is to encourage a standardised naming convention for your structures, resulting in clearer designs.

You will only be able to confirm changes to your structure once the text in the name, label, and reference chainage boxes meets these requirements:

Text BoxMaximum LengthMinimum LengthSpecial Characters
Name Box 1100*
'0-9' and '+' and '_' and '.'
Name Box 2100*
'0-9' and '+' and '_' and '.'
Name Box 3100*
'0-9' and '+' and '_' and '.'
'0-9' and '+' and '_' and '.'
Reference Chainage10
0'0-9' and '+' and '_' and '.'

*It is not possible to leave all three name boxes blank, otherwise your structure won't have a name; therefore at least one name box must contain a minimum of 1 character.

Please note: The use of forward slashes (i.e., '/') is not permitted in these boxes, as it causes compatibility issues with asset data and exported reports in Excel.

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