Masked Annotation Boxes not Covering Other Elements

If your annotation boxes include a solid background, also known as masking or fill, as defined by your project settings, and you've noticed when designing in AutoCAD that some elements are not masked out, then it's likely the annotations in your design are in an incorrect 'Draw Order'.

Follow the steps below to reorder your annotations.

Before proceeding: Please ensure your AutoCAD is set to the '2D Wire Frame' view style in the top-left corner of the window, otherwise this fix will not work correctly.

Step 1: Select the affected annotation(s)

You can click on the annotation(s) individually. Once you have completed your selection, go to Step 4.

Alternatively, you can select an entire annotations layer by right-clicking anywhere in your design, and clicking 'Quick Select...'. This will open the 'Quick Select' window.

Step 2: Select 'Layer' from the 'Properties' menu

Step 3: Select an annotations layer from the 'Value' dropdown menu, then click 'OK'

This will close the 'Quick Select' window and highlight the selected annotations.

Step 4: Right-click anywhere in your design, go to 'Draw Order', and click 'Bring to Front'

Once clicked, your selected annotations will be brought to the front of the drawing order, masking/covering any other elements in your design. If other annotations are affected, simply repeat these steps.

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