Assigning Custom Asset Data

Lineardraft gives you the ability to import custom structure and wire asset data into your project. Please note, this functionality is currently only available in MicroStation CONNECT and V8i.

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Step 1: Create a new Excel document

Step 2: Type “Structure” or “Wire” in cell A1

This cell can only include one of those words, so you need to create separate Excel documents for structures and wires.

Step 3: In Row 1 insert all properties that you would like to be associated with each structure or wire

Please note: When adding properties, make sure the following rules apply:
• Properties cannot start with a number
• Properties cannot already exist within the asset data
• Properties can contain spaces

Step 4: In Column A insert all structure or wire names to which custom data will be added

When you are referring a structure or wire in the document, you should follow the same naming convention as your model in order for the changes to be applied correctly.

Step 5: Add the relevant information for each property

Step 6: Save the file in a CSV format

Step 7: Open your project, launch Lineardraft, and click 'Data Manager' in the 'Data' section of the Lineardraft toolbar

This will open the 'Data Manager' window.

Step 8: Click 'Attach' and locate your CSV file

Once located, select it and click 'Open' to import your data.

Step 9: Press confirm

A processing window will appear, indicating that Lineardraft is populating all the data that you have entered.

Once processing is complete, your custom asset data is viewable in the MicroStation “Properties” tab.

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