Installing MicroStation Plugins

Installing the plugin provides the link between the Lineardraft software and your CAD application. Follow the steps below to install the plugin.

Essential Requirements 

You must have Lineardraft desktop installed and activated, see these articles for instructions;
Installing Lineardraft Desktop.
Activating Lineardraft Desktop.
Installing Lineardraft

Please Note: This process requires local administrator rights. If you don't have these you will need to request this from your internal IT department.

Step 1: Close your CAD application

If you have your CAD application open, please save your work and close it before continuing.

Step 2: Open Lineardraft Desktop from the system tray

From the Windows taskbar tray, click on the Lineardraft Desktop icon.

Step 3: If Lineardraft Desktop isn't running in the system tray, launch it from the desktop

If the Lineardraft Desktop icon is missing from the tray, double click the desktop icon or click on the Lineardraft Desktop application on the 'Start' menu.  

Step 4: Confirm Lineardraft Desktop is open

Lineardraft Desktop should be displayed, as shown below; (Please Note: you may have some items showing as up to date or updates available and this is the expected behaviour).

Step 5: Install the plugin

Click the download button (highlighted in blue) next to the plugin you require, for example, 'Lineardraft MicroStation CONNECT Plugin'.

Step 6:  Elevated privileges

At this point, you will be prompted for elevated privileges at this point. If necessary, request this from your internal IT department.

Step 7: Click through the install wizard

Click the 'Next' button to proceed to the next stage of installation.

Step 7a: Continue clicking through the install wizard

Click the 'Install' button to commence the installation of the plugin.

Step 7b: Complete the plugin installation

Click the 'Finish' button, the installation wizard will close and Lineardraft Desktop will be displayed.

Step 8: Confirm the plugin is showing as 'Up To Date' in Lineardraft Desktop

When Lineardraft Desktop is displayed, check the plugin status is shown as up to date with a green tick, along with the version number of the plugin, as shown in the image below.

Top tip: If you use more than 1 CAD application you can repeat the above process for each of the plugins you need to install.

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