How do I add an Ornament?

In Lineardraft, an Ornament is an additional object which can be added to a Structure by the following steps:

Essential Requirements

How to add a Structure

Step 1: Left click the 'Structures: Adjust' button

You may need to left click & hold on the 'Structures' button to reveal additional buttons.

Step 2: Select a Structure

Left click on the Structure you wish to attach the Ornament to.

Step 3: Select 'Ornaments'

Left click the 'Ornaments' button on the 'Edit Structure' form.

Step 4: Add Ornament

The following form will appear:

Left click on 'Add' to attach an Ornament to the Structure.

Step 5: Configure Ornament

Fill out the following form to correctly place the Ornament:

Attach To: Which part of the structure the Ornament should be attached to, eg. which Mast, Gantry, Droptube, etc.

Height: The height of the Ornament, relative to HRL

Ornament: The type of Ornament to be attached to the Structure

Step 6: Confirm Ornament

Left click the 'Confirm' button on the 'Ornaments' form to confirm the new Ornament.

Step 7: Confirm changes to Structure

Left click the 'Confirm' button on the 'Edit Structure' form to confirm changes to the Structure. 

Note: The changes will not be final until they are confirmed in this menu, even if they have been confirmed in the Ornament menu.

The Ornament will now be updated in the 3D model and 2D plan views.

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