Request a New Design Catalogue

Design Catalogues are one of the 5 key components which make up Lineardraft

There is already a wide range of design catalogues available to add to your license upon request, which you can find here

However, you may have a project coming up where you need a catalogue which doesn’t currently exist. In this case you’ll need to contact us to request it’s creation. 

To get the ball rolling and request a new design catalogue you will need to get in touch with our commercial team via One of our team will then work with you to establish the feasibility of the request, as well as the size, timescales, and boundaries of the catalogue. 

Please note: You must have the Engineering Administrator role attached to your User Account to request the creation of a design catalogue.

Creating a new design catalogue can be a complex and time-consuming process, so if your project requires a specific design range not currently available as one of our design catalogues, it’s important you start communications with us as early as possible, so we have the time to understand the work required and, if approved, complete the work to the highest standard. 

To find out more about how new Design Catalogues are created, take a look at this article.

Please note: The time it takes to produce a design catalogue varies depending on the size and complexity of the design range, the phases of development that are agreed upon, and the workload of our engineering team.

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