How do I attach a Catenary Wire to a Structure?

Follow the steps below to attach a Catenary Wire to a Structure.

Essential Requirements

How do I create a Catenary Wire?

Step 1: Left click the 'Wires: Attach Wire' button

You may need to left click & hold on the 'Wires' button to reveal additional buttons.

Step 2: Select Catenary Wire

Left click on the Catenary Wire you wish to attach.

Step 3: Select Structure

Left click on the Structure you wish to attach the Catenary Wire to.

Step 4: Configure Wire Point

The following form will appear with the name of the Catenary Wire and Structure in the title:

Use the drop-down menus on the left hand side to select:

Track: The track which the Catenary Wire will be associated with, for multiple track structures

Status: The current status of the Wire Point being placed

Support: The choice of structure support type

Span: The choice of wire Span Type

Left click on either option in the radio box:

In-running: The wire runs in line with the track

Out-of-running: The wire runs out of line with the track

Note: Depending on your view, you may see a live update of the wire heights, shown by the pink dots on the model.

Use text boxes or arrow keys can to adjust the following:

Messenger Wire: Height of the Messenger Wire in metres, relative to HRL; the checkbox can be unticked to suppress the wire

System Height: Distance between the Messenger and Contact Wires

Contact Wire: Height of the contact wire in metres, relative to HRL; the checkbox can be unticked to suppress the wire

StaggerThe offset of the Contact Wire from the centre line of the track , in metres

The 'Equipment' checkbox can be checked to add Catenary Equipment.

Step 5: Confirm Wire Point

Left click on the 'Confirm' button to create the Wire Point. The 3D model will now show the wire points and the 2D Annotation will show the wire heights and versine.

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