Override Drop Tube Position

Drop tube position refers to the position or point along the drop tube's length at which it attaches to the gantry

These points are represented as slots or holes at designated points along the drop tube. It is possible, within some configurations, to override this position using the following steps. 

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Wires' section of the Lineardraft toolbar

Step 2: Click the 'Edit Wire Point' button

This will prompt you to select a wire point.

Step 3: Click on the wire point associated with your chosen drop tube

This will open the 'Configure Wire' window. 

Step 4: Select the drop tube you would like to edit from the tree diagram, then click 'Edit Droptube'

This will open up the 'Edit Droptube' window and highlight the selected drop tube in purple in the live preview. 

Step 5: Ensure the 'Override Position' box is checked, and select your position from the drop down menu

You will see the live preview update in purple.

Step 6: Click 'Confirm'

You will need to confirm in the 'Edit Droptube' window first and then confirm again in the 'Configure Wire' window.

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